Q: Which platform will you release it on?
A: It will be released on Android. There are currently no plans to release it for iOS or PC, even though it would technically be possible.

Q: Can we create our own maps?
A: The game will feature a build in map editor which can be used to create and share maps.

Q: Can we use Google Maps to create maps?
A: This is one of the goals, but it is complex and quite low on my list of planned features.

Q: Will it be free?
A: The final version will be free and available to download from here, Google Play and Amazon.

Q: Will there be ads?
A: Yes, and at the moment there is no plan to make it possible to pay to opt out as it is a lot of work to handle with the tax agency. (I already made that mistake with Traffic Lanes Full and I am very happy it is available for free now)

Q: When will feature X be added?
A: Not giving any dates.

Q: When will version X.Y.Z be released?
A: Not giving any dates.

Q: When will the beta version be released?
A: Not giving any dates.

Q: You have translated X wrong!
A: Drop a comment in this document.
An early alpha version is available to download. Note that an alpha version does not have all planned functionality and might be unstable and crash. The game is planned to be updated on a, more or less, weekly basis.

Download using distribution service:
Or you can always download the latest here if you cannot access the above site.
Bugs & Issues
If you find a bug you can contact me at However, note that the game is in Alpha and thus contain a lot of bugs, so please do not send me an email for every little thing you find.
Email (for notifications, not published):

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