Here are some common questions. If you ask something that is literally answered here I will assume you are too stupid to read any potential reply I give anyway.

Q: Which platform will you release it on?
A: It is only released on Android. There are currently no plans to release it for iOS or PC, even though it would technically be possible.

Q: Can we use Google Maps to create maps?
A: This is one of the goals, but it is complex and very very low on my list of planned features.

Q: Will there be ads?
A: Yes, and at the moment there is no plan to make it possible to pay to opt out as it is a lot of work to handle with the tax agency. (I already made that mistake with Traffic Lanes Full and I am very happy it is available for free now)

Q: When will feature X be added?
A: Not giving any dates.

Q: When will version X.Y.Z be released?
A: Not giving any dates.

Q: When will the final version be released?
A: Not giving any dates.

Q: You have translated X wrong, or I want you to add language Y!
A: Translate using comments in this document.

Q: Add feature X!
A: The game is now in beta, so only bug fixes are in focus.
v0.34.2b BETA
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